“We want you to be able to feel in control again”

Digestive Health and Gut Issues

Always bloated? Struggling with constipation or diarrhoea or both? Feel you are not able to tolerate some foods? Do your symptoms become worse when you are under stress, or when travelling or perhaps are they completely unpredictable? Whether its an occasional inconvenience of a debilitating daily occurrence no one should put up with ongoing gut symptoms. Whatever your trigger, we can help

What we can do for you

Our gut is complex and has a profound effect on our whole bodies. You are unique and so it your gut. Understanding what your triggers are and how to optimise your gut health is we work together on in a consultation. Our team have a wealth of experience in fine-tuning your diet and lifestyle to get on top of your common symptoms. We provide evidence based, easy-to-digest advice and expert support. We want you to be able to feel in control again.

What they say about us

“I suffer from IBS. I reached the point where everything I ate I reacted too. I was scared to eat any food and was desperate for help. Linia put me on an intensive gut healing protocol and at the same time started to dispel many myths I believed about food. This combined with a tailored FODMAP diet delivered amazing results for me. I am so thankful to Linia.”
IBS Client

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