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Linia’s strong science background and vast knowledge mean she is able to respond quickly to breaking news stories providing accurate background information and context. Her strength lies in being able to translate complex scientific information into simple and clear messages. Linia believes in keeping things simple, practical, easy and effective.

What we can do for you

Public speaking: Having a natural ability to inspire and captivate an audience Linia is able to educate and empower a small group or a large crowd on a variety of nutrition topics.

Nutrition expert on TV: Linia has been told she is a natural on TV. With over 100 appearances on television across the world Linia brings her enthusiasm and energy on screen while ensuring she is clear and authoritative.

Communication strategies: As an experienced media spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association and as a consultant nutritionist to various food brands, Linia is able to provide authoritative and engaging quotes for a press release or write captivating, science-based yet easy-to-digest articles for a variety of audiences.

Radio Campaigns or Podcast hosting: You can tell Linia is smiling even when she is on radio or speaking on a podcast. You’ll hear the passion, depth of knowledge yet while seamlessly weaving in key brand messages. She is known for her fun yet no-nonsense approach.

Exemples of Work

Article Writing: Consumer Press

  • Recent articles in Cosmopolitan Magazine, the Evening Standard, The Times: ‘Can running make you fat?’ and ‘Is coconut water any good for you?’, Independent, Western Mail: ‘The healthy heart diet’ and ‘Eat healthier – the Med way’, Runners World, Fitness for Women, Slimming World, Your Magazine, Irish Dancers Magazine, F1 Drivers Guide.


Article Writing: Health Professional Press

  • Recent articles for Fitpro Magazine,  British Dietetic Association, Sports Dietitians UK. Editorial Panel for the BDA Eat Well Live Well magazine.


As a media spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association, Linia provides authoritative view points on current affairs programmes such as BBC 1 Breakfast, ITV’s This Mornings Show and Sky News.

Linia has also appeared extensively as a Nutrition Expert on national and international channels such as the BBC, Channel 4 and CNN. Her recent appearances are:
BBC 2 Food: Truth or Scare
BBC 1 Tomorrows Food
BBC 1 Rip off Britain

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