“Helping you to understand how your body works and how to become the best version of yourself”

Introducing Linia

With PhD in Public health and over 100 published articles on diet and health, Linia has a strong grounding in nutrition science. Yet she combines this with with her passion of translating science into easy-to-digest and practical advice which is why she is also often seen as a nutrition expert in the media. She is a British Dietetic Association Spokesperson and is regularly seen appearing on national TV and being quoted in the press.

Where it all began….

Growing up in the Zambian countryside, with a mother who had a restaurant and a dad who was a health and science fanatic, good food and a love for science was instilled into Linia at a very young age.

The journey…

Fast forward to university, Linia had intentions of pursueing a career in medicine, however whilst completing a BSc in Biochemistry & Physiology in Capetown, South Africa, she shadowed a number of dietitians and Linia immediately knew she had found her thing. Another few degrees later (Msc Nutrition & Dietetics & a MSc Sports Nutrition), Linia began her career in 2006 in London.

The now…

Having also worked extensively in high performance sport Linia is all about helping people thrive from the inside out. She is particularly passionate about women’s health and spends her clinical time working with women (athletes, non-athletes and everything in between) helping them to better understand the powerful connection between how their body works and how to be the best version of themselves.

Linia does not take a “one size fits all” approach but sees everyone as an individual, helping them to get the results they want through a variety of methods centred around one that suits them the best.

Outside of work Linia is a big foodie and loves to socialise over good (and nutritious!) food. She likes to keep active which means she gets to put into practice what she preaches.

Expert Advice

Diabetes and obesity

Being the topic of Linia’s Phd, Linia has a wealth of knowledge and experience on clinical aspects as well as the public health implications of obesity and diabetes.

Hormone Health

As a co-founder of the programme Perimenopause Blueprint & Mastercycle, Linia is passionate about helping women bring balance to their hormones ensuring that their hormones work FOR them, not against them.

Performance Nutrition

Recognised for her work with the sporting elite over the last decade Linia Nutrition apply nutrition principles and systems used in sport to others seeking to optimise their health & performance.

Dietary Inequalities

Being of  dual heritage gives Linia the edge in campaigns aimed at Ethnic minorities. She has an in-built understanding of the culture, dietary habits and values that are part of this ethnic minority communities.

To better know Linia