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Public Health

Linia and her team of nutrition consultants are experts in the application of nutrition science in the promotion of good health on a public health level in both developed and emerging economies. Linia Nutrition prides itself on providing credible, inspired ideas that blend the latest scientific research with the needs of the client, bringing a wealth of knowledge and the ability to adapt to the environment whilst ensuring project goals are successfully achieved. The are able to filter out and present the best quality scientific research in fast moving and growing fields.

What we can do for you

Scientific Reviews and briefing papers: perform comprehensive review of the literature and communicate key messages effectively to the target audience

Implementation of Health Campaigns:  develop, implement and champion health campaigns. Actively engage with a variety of audiences on various platforms. Perform media interviews and be the authoritative voice of the campaign.

Nutrition Education: write and deliver practical, interactive and engaging workshops, lectures and presentations on a variety of topics and range of nutritional health issues. 

Procurement of Health Services: developing specifications, procuring and mobilising Weight Management services, Exercise Schemes, Food Growing Projects, Vitamin Supplementation Schemes and more

Menu Analysis and Evaluation: provide advice and guidance to improve the nutritional quality of meals provided

Our references

  • Public Health England, Uk
  • Islington and Camden Public Health, UK
  • Greenwich Public Health, UK
  • Whittington Health, UK
  • DIFID, Zambia
  • University Teaching Hospital, Zambia

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