Our Partners

Pure Sport Medicine provides elite care for everybody through a unique multi-disciplinary approach across a complete range of services — getting you back to your best, with one coordinated team behind you.

Founded in 2000, The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy is a medical care facility that focuses on a mind and body, biopsychosocial approach to healthcare. Their team is comprised of registered osteopaths, chartered physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals.

Physical trainings designed to be low impact, based on movement quality and control, they focus on core to help you develop the stronger, leaner and very importantly stress free body you want. You will work with Powerhouse Pilates in a safe and dynamic workout environment to concentrate on targeted group muscles according to your needs and goals.

The Perimenopause Blueprint course helps you flourish in your forties. If you are already experiencing the perimenopause it helps you navigate your journey and empowers you to manage your symptoms and get your zest back!